Aims & Scope

Chinese Journal of Experimental Ophthalmology (CJEO) is a single blind peer-reviewed journal focusing on developments and new research in experimental ophthalmology, both internationally, and in China. The journal aims to provide insight into the field of ophthalmology both internationally, and in China, focusing on basic research and the clinical applications of ophthalmology.

CJEO invites submission of manuscripts under a broad scope of topics relevant to clinical studies, basic and experimental ophthalmic research, clinical translation of basic and experimental studies. Topics covered include ophthalmic epigenetics, stem cell transplantation for hereditary eye diseases, ophthalmic pharmacology research, ophthalmic immunology, application of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology, molecular biology studies of eye diseases, advances in diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

CJEO welcomes the submission of expert reviews, experimental research, clinical research, presentations, case reports, and survey reports.

Published articles are relevant to senior medical research workers in ophthalmology, ophthalmology clinicians, and undergraduate and postgraduate ophthalmology major students.

CJEO subscribes fully to the COPE code of conduct and best practice for journal editors ensuring that our editors are accountable for everything published in our journal. Our readers will always be informed about how the research is funded and our relationships with authors, reviewers and editorial board members will be influenced by COPE recommendations.

Information for Contributors

CJEO encourages its contributors and reviewers to adopt the standards of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. The Journal will not consider papers that have been accepted for publication or published elsewhere. Our FULL requirements for submission, including conflicts of interest disclosure, trial registration and ethics policies are described in detail in the Instructions for Authors.

Submission Process

Submissions to CJEO are made using the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) submission system (

Registration and access are available at


Each author must disclose all financial relationships related to the subject of the paper.  This should include equity ownership, profit-sharing agreements, royalties, patents, and grants. Authors do not need to report the sums concerned. If none, state “none”.