Management practice for inpatients in neuro-ophthalmology

Author: Neuro-ophthalmology Group, Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association
DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20210118-00048
Published 2021-03-10
Cite as Chin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2021, 39(3): 177-183.

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Neuro-ophthalmology is a clinical cross-discipline, which plays an important role in ophthalmology.Since the establishment of the Neuro-ophthalmology Group of the Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a considerable progress has been made in the clinical practice and research in neuro-ophthalmology in China.The diagnosis and treatment of neuro-ophthalmology diseases require comprehensive and systematic ophthalmology, neurology and imaging examinations and training.In addition, the therapeutic outcome and prognosis of the patients are depending on standardized medical pathway due to the complex pathogenesis, diverse clinical findings and multiple interdisciplinary cooperation.In order to standardize the managing process of inpatients of neuro-ophthalmology in China and better promote the rapid development of neuro-ophthalmology further, the Neuro-ophthalmology Group of Chinese Medical Association organizes the expert members to survey the problems and challenges in medical management of inpatients with neuro-ophthalmology diseases in department of ophthalmology of comprehensive hospital around China and develop a clinical practice advice by mail and group discussion.The practice focuses on the scope of neuro-ophthalmology diseases, inspection and treatment ideas for visual afferent system diseases, and provides experience and reference for general hospitals to treat patients with neuro-ophthalmology diseases.

Key words:

Neuro-ophthalmology; Inpatients; Medical management; Clinical practices; Standardization

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Neuro-ophthalmology Group, Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association
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