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Comparison of the efficiency of aqueous humor and corneal samples for the viral DNA detection at different layers in herpesvirus-positive keratoplasty patients

Authors: Zang Yunxiao,  Peng Rongmei,  Xiao Gege,  He Linhui,  Hong Jing DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20220115-00018 Published 2023-10-10 Cite as Chin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2023, 41(10): 992-997. Abstract                              【Download PDF】 【Read Full Text】 Objective To investigate the distribution of herpesvirus DNA in the corneal layers […]

Research progress and prospect of metabonomics in glaucoma

Authors: Lu Yunqing,  Zhong Hua DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20200808-00572 Published 2023-02-10 Cite as Chin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2023, 41(2): 178-182. Abstract                              [Download PDF] [Read Full Text] Metabonomics is an important component of systems biology.It reveals the essential metabolic characteristics of the activities of organisms […]

Research progress of cellular senescence in glaucoma

Authors: Ding Jianfeng,  Li Lu DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20200604-00394 Published 2023-02-10 Cite as Chin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2023, 41(2): 183-187. Abstract                                [Download PDF] [Read Full Text] Cellular senescence is a response process in which cells are activated by ischemia, hypoxia, oxidative stress, DNA […]

Detection of aqueous humor cytokines in diabetic retinopathy and its clinical significance

Authors: Teng Yue,  Zeng Xiaoting,  Luo Yingzi,  Zhang Ruting,  Li Junhui,  Liu Hong,  Yang Yan,  Yu Xiaoyi DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20201203-00817 Published 2023-01-10 Cite as Chin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2023, 41(1): 55-62. Abstract                              [Download PDF] [Read Full Text] Objective To detect the concentration of […]

Research progress of inflammatory cytokines in intraocular fluid of diabetic macular edema

Authors: Hong Yiyi,  Sun Xufang DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20200610-00417 Published 2022-09-10 Cite asChin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2022, 40(9): 864-868. Abstract                                       [View PDF] [Read Full Text] Diabetic macular edema is a common complication of diabetic retinopathy, and is the main cause of vision decline.Antivascular endothelial […]

New insights into aqueous humor outflow system and ophthalmic lymphatic drainage pathway

Authors: Liu Yameng,  Pan Xiaojing DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20190820-00358 Published 2022-04-10 Cite asChin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2022, 40(4): 361-365. Abstract                              [View PDF] [Read Full Text] Glaucoma is the first irreversible blinding eye disease in the world, and vision loss due to glaucoma is related to the obstruction […]

Research progress of metabolomics in diabetic retinopathy

Authors: Zhang Luyuan,  Li Xiaorong DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.cn115989-20201203-00819 Published 2022-01-10 Cite asChin J Exp Ophthalmol, 2022, 40(1): 93-96. Abstract                             [View PDF][Read Full Text]   Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the serious complications of diabetes, and its complex pathogenesis has not been completely clarified […]